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Structural Evolution, Exhumation Rates, and Rheology of the European Crust During Alpine Collision: Constraints From the Rotondo Granite—Gotthard Nappe

Ceccato, Alberto; Behr, Whitney M.; Zappone, Alba Simona; Tavazzani, Lorenzo; Giuliani, Andrea

3-D coseismic displacement mapping of the 2015 Mw7.8 Gorkha earthquake using multi-viewed InSAR

Chen, Han; Qu, Chunyan; Zhao, Dezheng; Shan, Xinjian; Ma, Chao; Gong, Wenyu; Zhao, Lei; Dal Zilio, Luca

Earthquake energy dissipation in a fracture mechanics framework

Kammer, David S.; McLaskey, Gregory C.; Abercrombie, Rachel E.; Ampuero, Jean-Paul; Cattania, Camilla; Cocco, Massimo; Dal Zilio, Luca; Dresen, Georg; Gabriel, Alice-Agnes; Ke, Chun-Yu; Marone, Chris; Selvadurai, Paul Antony; Tinti, Elisa

Laboratory acousto-mechanical study into moisture-induced changes of elastic properties in intact granite

Wu, Rui; Selvadurai, Paul Antony; Li, Ying; Sun, Yongyang; Leith, Kerry; Loew, Simon

Laboratory simulation of fault reactivation by fluid injection and implications for induced seismicity at the BedrettoLab, Swiss Alps

Volpe, Giuseppe; Pozzi, Giacomo; Collettini, Cristiano; Spagnuolo, Elena; Achtziger-Zupančič, Peter; Zappone, Alba Simona; Aldega, Luca; Meier, M.A.; Giardini, Domenico; Cocco, Massimo

Further Publications

Implications of receiver plane uncertainty for the static stress triggering hypothesis
Hanagan, R.A. Bennet, L. Chiaraluce, A. Hughes, M. Cocco (2022)


Determination of parameters characteristic of dynamic weakening mechanisms during seismic faulting in cohesive rocks
Cornelio, E. Spagnuolo, S. Aretusini, S. B. Nielsen, F. Passelègue, M. Violay, M. Cocco, G. Di Toro (2022)


Fracture energy and breakdown work during earthquakes
Cocco, S. Aretusini, C. Cornelio, S. B. Nielsen, E. Spagnuolo, E. Tinti, G. Di Toro (2023)


Deterministic and stochastic chaos characterize laboratory earthquakes
A.Gualandi, D. Faranda, C. Marone, M. Cocco, G. Mengaldo (2023)


Earthquake doublet in Turkey and Syria
Dal Zilio, J.-P. Ampuero (2023)